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Wedding Film Information Page at Love Note CinemaFilmmaking and telling real love stories are two of the most rewarding things we do. It’s an immense amount of work – countless hours go into each film we make. And by the end, we know you inside and out. It’s pretty crazy actually; the people that hire us bring us into their world and into their relationships for one of the most personal and emotional days of their lives. And they trust us with telling their story and preserving those memories forever. No pressure, right?

We know that planning a wedding can be very overwhelming. So when we sat down to create our film package, we put extra thought into keeping everything as simple as possible. The result was a wedding film package that is 100% easy and 100% awesome. Just like us.

love note signature film – $4500

  • B-roll video shoot and voiceover recording session prior to wedding day
  • Two cinematographers for full day wedding coverage
  • Uncut ceremony
  • All scheduled speeches uncut
  • 3 personalized Blu-ray or DVD disc with customized menu
  • 1 personalized disc case – a free gift to the bride and groom
  • 12-15 minute Love Note Signature Film


Wedding Film Information

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Wedding Film Information Page at Love Note Cinema

special features

Multi-Camera Ceremony Coverage – $800*

Both of our film packages include a single camera, uncut view from the beginning to the end of your ceremony. If you’d prefer to have multi-angle coverage with various camera perspectives, we’ll set up additional cameras and bring in an extra shooter to make it happen.

* Film add-on price only. Please inquire for standalone price.

  Love Story – starts at $2000

This is the perfect way to tell your story at your reception for your guests! Prior to your wedding day, we’ll shoot a casual and fun interview of you along with some fun supplemental footage to go with it. Alternatively, we can recreate an event like your first date, or even create an entirely fictional short film. Whatever you decide on, this is always a big crowd-pleaser at receptions and it’s sure to be a great add-on to your wedding film.

  Save the Date Short Film – starts at $1200

Wedding Film Information Page

Normally, these are short and sweet video announcements for your wedding. If you’ve got a creative idea to let people know you’re getting hitched, this is a perfect way to do it!

  Extra Discs/Cases –

Blu-ray – $30

DVD – $30

Custom Case – $60