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frequently asked questions about our wedding cinema services

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Do I have to hand-write my love note?

f.a.q. about our wedding cinema services

Yes! A handwritten love note is an awesome keepsake that everyone should have. It’s personal; it’s from your heart. So let’s leave the ones and zeros out of this one!


Do I need a certain kind of paper?

As long as it is 8.5 x 11, it’s cool with us. Lined, unlined, white, color… whatever you want!


What if I’m not a great writer?

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Don’t worry; it will probably take a good amount of time for you to come up with what you want to say. It’s truly a labor of love though, and your future spouse is going to love whatever you write. If you’re looking for inspiration, do some research on famous love notes – there’s some great ones out there!


Can I just use my vows for the love note?

Your love note should be different from your vows, but there could very well be some overlap. Vows are promises – and they are important – but your love note should tell us why you’re making them.


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How long does my love note have to be?

Our one rule is that your love note must fit on one 8.5 x 11 page. You can write on the back if you run out of space on the front. In terms of a minimum length, just keep in mind that your love note will become part of the narration to your film, so it’s important to have enough written for us to be able to craft a great story.


This sounds like homework. 

Wedding Cinema Services at Love Note Cinema

Well, technically it is. All we can say is that it will be worth it!


Do you travel?

We love to travel! Our wedding team has already had great experiences shooting all around the region – from the beaches of Cape May to all the way deep into the Appalachian Mountains. Our passports are up-to-date, too, so we’re ready for a crazy adventure!


What do you mean by “Full Day Coverage?”

Frequently asked questions about wedding cinema services

One of the most common issues we encounter when talking to potential clients is worry over the number of hours we will “cover” during the day. In service schemes that limit hours (to say, eight or ten), we realized that brides were often stuck in the horrible position of choosing between covering early morning activities (i.e., preparation) and late night festivities (i.e., the bouquet toss or the farewell). Our job is to capture and preserve your memories – not to make you choose between them. When we say “full day coverage,” that’s pretty much what we mean; we’ll be there when you start getting ready and stay all the way through to the end of the reception.


Can we choose our music?

Frequently asked questions about Love Note Cinema

No matter what any wedding videographer tells you, the use of copyrighted music without the proper licensing is illegal. Unfortunately, many popular songs simply cannot be licensed because the cost to do so is outrageously high. We’re not talking 50 bucks here, we’re talking several hundred dollars (or more) to license just one tune.

With that said, we have access to a few awesome databases of affordable music tracks from both mainstream and independent artists that are perfect for complementing the mood of your film. Choosing music is something that has to be done in view of the available footage and the desired flow of the film. In short, we’ll take care of it for you.


How long until I receive my film?

F.A.Q. about Love Note Cinema

We know you’re anxious! Trust us when we say we’re meticulous about post-production. We don’t just toss everything into a big pile and call it a day. We put a lot of thought into telling your story and making your memories as beautiful as they can be. The average post-production time varies seasonally but expect delivery time in the 8-10 week range.