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Georgee + Debbie’s Signature Film

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We’re proud to announce the release of this year’s first signature wedding film. We couldn’t have found a nicer, more caring couple than Georgee and Debbie to be our stars!

The magnificent works of Roman-Corinthian architecture in the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, PA set the stage for the couple’s breathtaking wedding ceremony. The voices of hundreds of friends and family members could be heard echoing through the beautiful marble halls as they sang together in support of Georgee and Debbie’s new life.

Once all of the guests settled in at the beautiful Lucien’s Manor in New Jersey for the reception festivities, they were greeted with Georgee and Debbie’s Love Story short film which marked the “5 minute countdown” to the highly anticipated bridal party entrance. We were humbled by the positive reactions from the audience!

The party picked up very quickly as the wedding party surprised the guests with a sudden flash mob. These talented guys and gals put some serious work into their routine and it sure paid off. Everyone loved it! The night continued with an entertaining “table karaoke” competition, a “guess who’s kissing Georgee” game, and plenty of heartfelt toasts from the parents and members of the wedding party. The room was filled with energy as MC Kaz and DJ Ash G from DJUSA rocked the house with chest pumping jams, getting everyone on their feet dancing for hours. The night concluded with a warm ‘thanks’ from the appreciative couple as they made the first slice in the cake.

It was a pleasure spending the day with Georgee and Debbie. We wish them the best of luck in their future together!

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