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Marvin + Katie’s Signature Film

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Even after a 5+ hour drive, we couldn’t have started shooting any more quickly after pulling up to the Wisp Resort in McHenry, MD. Panoramic vistas in every direction were basically just begging to become awesome timelapses of clouds rolling over the mountains and valleys below. And after a short scouting trip up to the top of the slopes, we knew that the ceremony the next day was not going to disappoint. We LOVE shooting outdoor ceremonies. Not only is the light much better, but in a weird way – even though they’re technically more open – we’ve found them to be more intimate.

Katie and Marvin kicked off the weekend with two things any good weekend in the mountains should have – a keg and a campfire. We were there to get a little bit of extra footage, but we think Marvin had it as a personal mission to also get us some beer. Which, of course, we were more than OK with. We like beer.

After having taken us in like family, we knew that what Marvin and Katie have together must be really special. And we think that really comes through in their film; you can’t help but to smile, laugh and love along with them. We’re so honored to have captured and preserved this moment of their lives for them.

A special thank you to Andrea at the Wisp for making us feel so welcome and keeping us in the loop; we can’t wait to shoot another wedding there!

We wish Katie and Marvin the best of luck in their future together!