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Wedding Film at Love Note Cinema

In the beginning, wedding videos were boring.

Painfully, woefully boring.

It was only just a few years ago that technology allowed filmmakers to bring more of an exciting and cinematic style into their films. Frame rates could mimic film, high quality lenses could isolate subjects and perform well without need for a huge floodlight, and the HD revolution changed the way people think about image quality altogether.

Luckily, we got involved with filmmaking right around that same time, and we love being able to incorporate Hollywood-inspired techniques and technology into our films. It really has allowed us to open people up to the idea of wedding films – even when they were predisposed to think they are still as cheesy and lame as they were 20 years ago.

But for as easy as it was (and is) to become enchanted by all the new technology and what it allows us to do visually, this truth remains: great films are only made from great stories. We are determined never to lose sight of that.

Conventionally, wedding filmmakers tell the story of your wedding. It’s a simple formula: they show up in the morning, shoot throughout the day, and then leave. And really, there is nothing inherently wrong with doing it that way. But that documentary-esque method does – at least to us – miss out on the deeper story. Sure, you’ll look back and remember how you got married, but will you remember why? To us that question represents the hallmark distinction between a wedding documentary video and a wedding cinematic film.

The love note is our way to reveal the deeper story. In a certain sense, it is the script from which we craft your film. And just like your wedding represents a lifetime of commitment, your film will represent a lifetime of love.


Handcrafted wedding film


how it works

Our format is pretty simple. We challenge each of our brides- and grooms-to-be to write the best love note to their fiancee that their heart can muster. When they are finished, we record each of them reading it, and those recordings become part of the narration of their wedding film. Then, on the morning of the wedding, we give to each the love note from the other.