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Kate + Kevin’s Wedding Film

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Whenever Kate and Kevin watch their wedding film, there will be no doubt about what the dance craze was in the fall of 2012. Oppa Gangham Style! And to think, Kate was actually worried that people might shy away from the dance floor at the Pinecrest Country Club! DJ Johnny V from the East Coast Event Group was not going to let that happen.

We know that late October can be a risky time for weather but we were treated to a gorgeous, color-soaked fall day at every turn. Not to be outdone, Kate was also stunning in one of our favorite dresses we’ve seen this year. Hair was done by High Tech Hair Salon and makeup by Rebecca and the team from Blush Hair Salon and Makeup Studio. It was great to see them again!

One of the things we love about shooting with couples prior to their wedding day is that it really gives us a chance to learn things about them that we wouldn’t be able to know if we just showed up the morning of. For example, when Kate and Kevin told us about the story of their proposal, we decided it would be really awesome to head over to the exact spot where it happened – Peddler’s Village is just 15 minutes down the road from us. As wedding filmmakers it was quite the surreal experience to stand right where their story began. It was also a compelling reminder that our films are not just about one glamorous, magazine-spread day; they’re about real people with real history.